Booking system for bus tours  „Frogelo“

Booking system for bus tours „Frogelo“

The system is focused on organized trips by bus or after departure and continuing the trip by bus

Features of the system. What should you know?

No extra fees for the following benefits
Hotel integration
Integrated hotel suppliers, offering more than 200 000 hotel deals
Process automation
Full automation from the search for a tour, money collection to the issue of documents
Regulation of price and commission
Detailed regulation of price criteria and setting of commission for different services
Plugins with accounting
System connection to the accounting systems "Būtent", "Rivilė", "Debetas", "Finvalda", etc.
Partner profile
“Private room” of partners for orders, questions, and review of tours
Alert notifications
Sending notifications to agents, tourists, or partners about the progress of tour

Booking system for bus tours “Frogelo”

What is Frogelo?

It is the advanced booking system for bus tours that will help to effectively automate your business processes, to sell bus tours in the virtual space, and will provide more possibilities and convenience for cooperation with partners. 

Who will benefit from the use of the booking system “Frogelo”?

Frogelo is focused towards companies, travel agencies, tour operators, and private entities (for example, tourist guides). 

Why is it worth to choose Frogelo?

  • The system will help to effectively increase your sales;
  • The system will enable automation of the work processes, thus, not only providing more possibilities, convenience, but also significantly reducing costs; 
  • It is a great opportunity to work with partners, suppliers and clients in a more purposeful and effective manner; 
  • The system will allow to effectively optimize and fully automate the communication processes; 
  • You will easily integrate your accounting system and control your finances; 
  • The system will allow for convenient control, maintenance processes inside your company, among the departments and branches; 
  • Constantly improved and upgraded system will allow you to keep pace with the latest technologies and innovative solutions; 
  • You will shortly notice the decrease of “manual” works!

The booking system is easily integrated into existing or newly designed website. You simply need to enter your products into the system, and they will appear on your website. The guaranteed speed, quality and simplicity is a triple, which plays a very important role in today’s business world.

Features of Frogelo


  • Purchases and equipment management: description of bus tours (accommodation, car rent, charter tours, groups, etc.), integration of suppliers, bus routes and their creation by tying them to the tour. 
  • Sales: management of bus tour bookings, creation of documents (routes, various reports, coupons, etc.), online B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) booking, physical sales and phone sales, customer management. 
  • Marketing: sales reports, collection and accumulation of customer information, special promotional products, coupon codes, special accommodation offers, loyalty programs, Google Analytics, Facebook, newsletters and other integration.
  • Customer relationship management: maintenance of customer relationship, history of customer purchases, personalized customer profiles, customer communication history.
  • Finances and accounting: register of purchaser accounts and payments, register of supplier accounts and payments, received and paid invoices. 
  • Operations: accommodation and bus lists, lists for guides, for transfers from different cities, cancelation policy, notices to suppliers about bookings.  
  • Business management and administration: sales reports, department reports, reports on human resources.  
  • IT and information integration.
  • Customer reviews.

Extra services for your convenience and smooth work

Convenience, awareness and loyalty is important for us, therefore, we sell not only the product itself, but also our knowledge and skills. We will advise those, who decided to facilitate and automate their business processes, on how to use our booking system.

If your idea, which requires Frogelo, is created from scratch, we also offer a website design service – it is always worth to get everything from one service provider.

We always support Frogelo system users – you can call or write email. We will advise, explain, help to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

We understand that changes often scare and give you the sense of insecurity, therefore, we will make sure that your acquaintance and work with Frogelo would be the best experience from the very beginning. Our team will help you with project management throughout the entire process: from planning to successful use of the system. We will also help your business and team to adapt to the new booking system, to successfully and smoothly move from the old booking system to the innovative one, i.e., Frogelo.