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We are ready for everything. You are not alone.

Our team is ready to implement the strangest, most unexpected, and complex projects, realize your visions and ideas. This is one of our business goals, which is complemented by another one, i.e., to ensure the continuity of communication and cooperation. One of the key of our declared values is the growth of customer business, which is possible only with the fast identification of changes and successful adaptation.

Our successful project is a tool for you, helping to compete effectively, increase sales, provide more comfort and opportunities for your customers. However, the business sector is dominated by dynamics, the changes here are very fast, therefore, no matter how successful a project is, it is advisable to improve it, taking into account the changes in the target audience, potential users and the entire market. Trust our team and we will ensure that your "collision" with any changes that affect our project would be successful and easy.

Upon transferring the project to the customer, we are seeking further cooperation, thus, we are maintaining the website, and constantly updating it.

Why is it worth to use the site maintenance option?
  • You will be sure that your website is maintained by the professionals in the field, who have already acquainted with your business environment;
  • We will identify the changes in timely, easy and successful manner, and will respond to them effectively;
  • You will be sure that your website is in good hands and constantly updated;
  • You will save a lot of valuable time;
  • You will get the system version control along with the service, which means that the system will be updated, and you will keep having new functionalities;
  • We will respond immediately in case of malfunction.

Upon transferring the project to the customer, we sign a service agreement that specifies the warranty period and service costs. The prices are based on hourly work and/or for the agreed work. It is the must step upon completion of the project.

It is preferable, but not mandatory, for the project to be on our server.

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