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Advice and additional maintenance

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

As there is a huge flow of online information, it is essential that your information could be found. It happens that a business entity has an excellent design website with high-quality illustrations and content, but its reach is extremely low because potential users do not find that site through the search engines. It is the situation, where the importance of search engine optimization, in short, SEO, emerges. Nowadays, it is already a magic three-letter abbreviation, which helps not only to exist, but also to be easily found and accessible in the virtual space. To put it simply, SEO is customization of the website to meet the requirements of the search engines (for example, a correct HTML code, the ability for search robots to access all the pages on the site, a correct structure of links, the right content, etc.) and to appear in the highest possible positions.

Websites and online stores for travel and tourism services are complex, a part of information is hidden there – it is inaccessible even for certain employees, therefore, meeting the requirements of the search engine and ensuring high ranking of the website requires relevant knowledge and experience. We have a team of professionals for successful implementation of this and other requirements of the search engines, thus, we ensure that your website will meet them.
As the customer awareness is essential for us, we consult not only on on-site SEO issues, but also about off-site SEO, which will result in additional advertising.
SEO – one the marketing elements, which is significant in development of any marketing strategy.

Consultations on the tourism services

Our specialization is development of the projects for the tourism sector, thus, we can call ourselves the experts in this field. Long-term experience has provided many opportunities to learn, evaluate our abilities, strive for high goals, discover new solutions, therefore, we have perfect knowledge about tourism market. This allows us to offer a wider range of quality services to our customers – we advise on adaptation of tourism services and IT solutions.

The service of consultation on adaptation of tourism services and IT solutions include presentation of a detailed research and analysis for the customer. It allows identifying the most suitable IT tools to successfully develop business in tourism sector. Furthermore, we advise on how business development could be automated, how certain professional tourism systems can effectively help to work in a more efficient and easier manner.

Why is it worth to get the consultation service?
  • During consultation, we make detailed presentation and explain the scopes and measures of tourism business, as well as the basic principles of work;

  • Detailed information on what is important and what is needed to develop business in tourism sector and to successfully enter the market is given;
    Possible solutions of business development and automation are presented, the advantages of professional tourism systems for your business are discussed.

Consultations on the system integration

We have been developing tourism services projects for more than a decade, therefore, the accumulated knowledge, continuously improved abilities allow offering the customers the highest-level complex services, including not only realization of the project, but also consultations. A huge baggage of valuable knowledge encourages sharing them with our customers.

If you want to offer your clients unique solutions and convenience, consultations on the system integration is exactly what you need, since:
  • Several different systems and data are worked with at the same time, and it can be done in a professional manner only by experienced experts of the field – we propose to trust our competent team on this issue;

  • Ordinary business management systems are often quite automated, therefore, their combination and “intercommunication” is usually complicated – we will help to solve it in an effective and quick manner;

  • Normal business management systems are often quite automated; therefore, their combination and ‘intercommunication’ are often complicated - we will help to solve it in an effective and quick manner;

  • We will answer the questions, related with system integration;

  • It is the change to anticipate the real future prospects of the systems;

  • Our team professionals are perfect in all nuances of the system integration, therefore, they will clearly and comprehensively provide all the necessary information for the targeted groups of your human resources.

If you are looking for high positions in the search engines, you have a few different systems, and want that all of them would operate in an efficient and united way, we are looking forward to your calls, letters, or visits to discuss the possibilities and find the best solution.

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