E-commerce/website development

E-commerce/website development

The process of our work

We use all our experience

Design of the online stores for travels and tourism services is one of our key activities, seeking to enable you to easily, conveniently and quality trade the travel offers and provide the tourism services in the e-space.   

Long-term experience in this field has allowed us to “smooth” the best solutions, to accumulate plenty of knowledge and to constantly improve by adapting to the rapid development of the latest technologies. Therefore, today we can offer the highest quality services of design of online stores for travels by using the advanced programming solutions. We do consider the preferences, needs and possibilities of our customers and select the best solution for your business tool in the virtual space.  Even the most complex tasks, the most difficult visions are the pleasant challenge for us. Moreover, it won’t take long for us to realize it. Thus, trust your e-commerce idea and we will turn into a real product, which will help you to successfully develop your tourism business.  

Creation of prototypes

E-commerce projects usually are complex tools, the development process of which require a lot of knowledge, skills, efforts, time, and extreme thoroughness. Even a single failure can negatively affect your sales. We are perfectly aware of this, therefore, ensure a trouble-free operation of your online stores for travels! How? Very simple – by creating the prototype of the e-commerce system, and by testing the functionality and efficiency of the entire project in real conditions. All principles of the system operation are in the palm of your hand.

Why is the creation of prototype important?
  • Allows you to see how the project will look and function, while being used by the user, as well as how the work will be done by staff;
  • It is possible to plan a layout and even the marketing aspects, for example, the places for advertising;
  • A prototype can be analyzed, the user-friendliness experiments may be conducted as it is a perfect way to ensure the highest-level user-friendliness of the product;
  • Allows to identify the obstacles in the stage, where they are extremely easily and quickly neutralized.

A tested and confirmed prototype is delivered to the professional designers.

WEB design

Our team is ready to realize your vision! We will prepare the website design concept and create the latest technology-based design for your website or online store. Convenience, style and quality – the triple, which will not guarantee a perfect functioning of your website but will also have a positive effect on your business image and sales.

The process of website design development includes several stages:
  • Upon identifying the target audience and completing the analysis of competitors, the website strategy is prepared;
  • Website layout schemes are prepared, providing for login fields, lists, other buttons, etc. (this aspect is very important in the modern perspective);
  • Creation of the graphic elements, taking int account the corporate style;
  • Adjusting the design by taking into account the construction preferences and corrections of a customer;
  • When the website design meets the customer vision, it is clipped, HTML code, CSS is prepared;
  • Then the programming tasks follow.

We ensure that our design will be not only functional, attractive, but also complete and quality. We know that design of website or online store significantly contributes to the first impression of the client, positioning of your business, and, of course, sales, therefore, we concentrate our best professional knowledge and abilities in developing the best product for you. 

Mobile version of e-commerce product (responsive version)

Business entities, responding to modern trends and to the needs of consumers, adapt their websites and online stores for mobile devices. The usual version of the site differs from mobile one, which is characterized by different browsing technique, requires different graphics, etc. If you want to keep up with the latest technology, the trends and provide the most comfort to the existing and potential customers, it is worth creating a mobile version of the website. Our team is ready to provide you the most innovative solutions and make your website accessible and appealing on mobile devices.

We will develop the most functional and convenient
project of online travel store

Being interested in the e-commerce innovations, especially in the field of tourism, allows us to continuously improve, offer our customers the most innovative solutions, consult our clients on various issues of e-commerce in the tourism sector, and advise which technical solutions are the most popular and which suit best the specific customer, taking into account their individual peculiarities.

Design of the website or online store for travels is the field, where you can completely rely on our team. We ensure that your website or store of travels or tourism services will meet not only your needs and preferences, but will also be tailor made for users, taking into account their habits of using the websites and ensuring the best of user experience. The latter, a user experience, is a very significant aspect in the entire process of creation of a website or online store, since sales efficiency is directly related to it. 

Design of the website or online store for travels is a continuous process and it does not end with the end of the product development itself. We strive for a long-term cooperation, thus, upon creating the product, we do not leave a customer “to familiarize with it” by himself.  Our team is always ready to advise, answer questions, consult, and help you successfully adapt to a new product.

We can design the website or e-commerce platform, based on our booking system for bus tours “Frogelo”.

 Why is it worth choosing Frogelo-based website or online store?
  • We have been long specializing in the tourism sector and development of booking systems, therefore, we can develop and administer the most complex e-trade solutions in a high quality way; 
  • Long-term experience allowed to create a flexible and complete system, which is the perfect tool for your activity and very convenient for users;  
  • Our booking system “Frogelo” is easily integrated in other software, for example, accounting, business management one, therefore, starting with it will be easy and pleasant, and the staff will get used to the new system very quickly; 
  • Upon developing the website or e-commerce platform, based on our system “Frogelo”, we will continue cooperating with you by consultations and support, i.e., in case of issues or questions, we will always consult, advise and help, in  order not to stop the works and to proceed smoothly; 
  • Do not worry about transfer of information from the old website – we will take care of it, since “Frogelo” is characterized by the data import function, enabling convenient transfer of data from the old website or online store to the new system “Frogelo”;
  • The system stability and continuous operation, improvement, optimum usage of server resources will ensure good performance and reliability. 

If you are looking for innovative and up-to-date website or online store for travels, please come for a cup of coffee, and we will discuss your expectations, wishes, and possibilities during meeting!

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